Konic Homes scrupulously abide by the commitment to our investors, and has developed a remarkable and admirable brand in the industry. We have successfully built and sold numerable homes under the leadership of our President, and have earned our clients’ trust through conducting our business in a transparent, high quality and result-driven manner.  We deeply believe in the idea that excellence in corporate value is the best form of giving back to our employees, our investors and the general public.

Konic Homes builds your dream real estate projects. Build your luxurious, unique and custom-designed home with us. With many years of experience, Konic Homes builds every home with the highest quality and with extraordinary care. Constructions are always completed on time and within budget. Konic Homes is registered with the Pacific Warranty Office and provides a 2-5-10 new home warranty.
Konic Homes is leading the industry with its strict system for project selection, in processes such as land recruitment, budget calculation, profit analysis and risk assessment etc.

A group of our professional architects, they put our long-standing relief of ‘Building Homes with Love’ into practice, offering the finest quality and first-class service to our customers. We pride ourselves on leading partnerships with our investors, developing a remarkable brand and installing confidence in every home owner, as we ensure high standards in all aspects of our development and projects.

CAPital opportunity

With many years of real estate development experience, Konic Homes team is expert in its field. By sourcing the right real estate development and investment opportunities, we have been able to maximize our invested value. 

We are capable of meeting different challenges and opportunities based on market fundamentals. We aggressively pursue well-defined objectives and acquire the correct projects in a timely manner. Each opportunity is thoroughly researched. Our mindset is not confined to the traditional set of values and perspectives.

We pursue ongoing innovation and improvement, and continue to cultivate a corporate culture based on intelligence and creativity. Our team is gearing up for the fast-changing environment in the knowledge-based era. We aim to sharpen our international competitive edge with stronger market alertness and responsiveness, better cost control and higher operational efficiency.


Targeted markets
  • Major Greater Vancouver areas
  • Preferences include customized single detached, multi-family, office, retail and commercial complexes
Targeted Projects
  • Total project cost ranging from $15,000,000 to $100,000,000 Canadian Dollars
  • Total project size ranging from 30,000 to 200,000 square feet buildable areas
  • Duration from one to six years

Investor Inquiries Email

Feel free to email inquiries if you have registered as our investor.


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