We support the career aspirations of our people and provide opportunities to leverage the talents and skills of our workforce. At Konic, helping you realize your vision for a rich and rewarding career is important us. 

If you are positioned to maximize your potential, you will get everything that it is possible in a career. Konic is a company that shares your vision and provides you with an environment to reach your full potential.


Problem Solver

Problem solving skills is one of the most sought-after personal attributes. Cultivate multiple solutions to every problem and be prepared to improvise depending on the situation at hand.


We all succeed when we each try our best and provide the highest quality of work. We believe an individual’s accomplishments contribute to our success. Be resolute. There are many pitfalls on the road to success.

Self-Motivation and Creativity

We must strive to be self-starters, using our creativity to think outside the box, to stay ahead of the competition. We all succeed when you try your best and provide the highest quality of work as we believe an individual’s accomplishments contribute to our success.


Being part of a team means that you never need to be afraid to ask for advice. The best teams are built on contributions from all levels of the organization. A strong foundation is the platform of our future success.

Efficiency and Responsibility

We believe in working smarter not harder.  Everyone has the power to make change and to provide solutions by taking ownership, being accountable.

Talent & Skills

Combine skills with a team ethic, to maximize our effectiveness as a company. We encourage to leverage all talents and skills and to be proud of the work that has been done – all work does not go unnoticed at Konic.


If there are no current openings that match your skills and experience you can still submit your application for consideration at: